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Mastercut stock a wide selection of stainless steel shim in grades 304 and 316, in thicknesses starting at 0.025mm (1thou). We can supply by the metre off our 610mm (24") wide coils or precision cut to your required profiles.

We also sell 1/2 Hard Brass in 0.13mm(0.005") 150mm wide & 0.25mm (0.010") x 300mm wide. Mastercut shim is purchased directly from North American Steel Mills in large quantities. All stainless steel is tension levelled reducing "coil set" dramatically. The result is a flat sheet which does not curl. Mill certificates are available for all stock.

Shim in stock now...

mm thou 304 316
0.025 1 Full Hard
0.050 2 Full Hard Annealed
0.080 3 Half Hard
Full Hard
Full Hard
0.100 4 Half Hard Full Hard
0.127 5 Half Hard
Full Hard
Full Hard
0.160 6 Half Hard Annealed
Full Hard
0.178 7 Half Hard
0.200 8 Half Hard Full Hard
0.250 10 Half Hard Annealed
Full Hard
0.300 12 Half Hard Full Hard
0.380 15 Half Hard Full Hard
0.55 22 ASTM A240/A480 ASTM A240/A480
0.9 35 ASTM A240/A480 ASTM A240/A480
1.2 47 ASTM A240/A480 ASTM A240/A480
1.6 63 ASTM A240/A480 ASTM A240/A480
2.0 79 ASTM A240/A480 ASTM A240/A480
3.0 118 ASTM A240/A480 ASTM A240/A480
5.0 197 ASTM A240/A480 ASTM A240/A480

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Custom Shim Packs

We manufacture shim shapes to your requirements - washers, 'U' or complicated shapes are all possible using a variety of cutting methods including laser, waterjet and chemical cutting processes.


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Shim off the Coil

Mastercut's stainless steel shim is available to engineers and laser cutters in any length starting from 1 metre. We can usually cut, pack and despatch the same day.

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Shim in a Box

Quality 150x1200mm shim coils in a custom Mastercut dispenser box, for easy shipping and even easier handling.

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Quick Ship Shim Packs

The full range of Mastercut stainless steel shim is available in pre-cut 610x600mm squares for immediate shipment. Any variety of shim can be included in the pack for overnight delivery to most destinations within Australia.

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Standard Punched Shim

Standard shim is also available and can often be dispatched same day.

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