Mastercut specialise in the precision cutting of thin materials, especially stainless steel. Laser cutting is an effective, relatively low cost method of producing parts and shapes without upfront tooling costs. Because we also cut material using the acid etching (PCM) process we are in a good position to advise on the most appropriate method for your part.

The process

Laser-cutting is accomplished on flat material and in most cases can be formed to suit your requirements. Our precision laser for thin material (0.05mm – 1.5mm stainless) sits on 3 tonnes of granite in a controlled environment to guarantee stability and the highest degree of accuracy. Small parts are often supplied still “tabbed” into the parent sheet to allow for “twisting” out by the customer. This reduces the risk of damage and is usually more convenient.


Because it eliminates the need for hard tooling, laser cutting has a low set up cost and a fast turnaround time (next day delivery can be arranged), meaning that prototypes can be provided quickly and at a lower cost to conventional hard tooling.
-A wide variety of shapes can be cut giving you great freedom in your design concepts
-High tolerance accuracy
-Low set up cost
-Design flexibility
-Fast turnaround time (next day service can be arranged)

Size limitations

The size of the part is limited only by the size of the cutting bed for the applicable laser. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
What applications is it best for


For most applications, our standard tolerance of +/- 0.5mm would be applied. Small parts precision can be as little as 10 micron, but higher precision affects price as greater care must be taken at every step.

What applications is it best for

We specialise in cutting a broad range of materials to precise tolerance and repeatability for these industries:

Nd:YAG Laser
Nd:YAG Laser
CO2 Laser
CO2 Laser
Stainless Steel X O
Brass X O
Copper X O
Acrylics X X X
Anodized Aluminium X X X
Ceramic X
Ceramics X
Corian X X
Cork X X
Fabric X X
Fibreglass X X
Glass X
Kapton X
Leather X X
Marble X
Matte Board X X
Melamine X X
Metals O
(including mild & spring steel) X X X
Mylar X
Painted Metals X
Paper/Cardboard X X
Plastics X X
Plated Metals X
Preparatory Coated Aluminium (as below) X X